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School Financial Aid Information

All applications for financial aid are processed by Private School Aide Service (PSAS) on behalf of a family’s children for school year 2017-2018 at St. Thomas More School. This application process is standard throughout the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. The on line application is to be used and may be downloaded (by clicking here). Please read the instructions carefully (click here).

Any portion of the application that is not completed in full will result in our inability to review your request. Be sure you include a complete copy of your entire 2016 IRS tax filing, all W-2s, 1099/1099R, and all other tax statement forms with the report plus your processing fee , payable to PSAS (Private School Aid Service). You may include other schools in the Archdiocese in your application. Be sure to include each school’s PSAS code. Our code is 3855. There is a list of all the Archdiocese of Cincinnati school codes included with the application.  (Be sure to include any other documentation that you feel that may be relevant to our decision making process that might include your home mortgage balance, home foreclosure, job termination, wage garnishments, and child support.) Your report must be postmarked/submitted by the April 17, 2017 IRS tax due date deadline. (The high schools require a earlier due date.) Applications filed after the due date will automatically be returned and not processed. The information you submit is held in the strictest confidence.  If PSAS requests additional information to process your application, it is the family's responsibility to provide that information as soon as the request is known.  Failure to do so will result in your application not being processed.

We will not accept prior year tax returns for processing.  You must submit your 2016 Federal Income Tax return.  All information received is held in the strictest confidence.

St. Thomas More Parish will collectively review at one time all the applications and recommendations upon receipt from PSAS. This does not transpire until late May or early June.  Financial aid will only be granted based upon a recommendation from PSAS and our ability to offer financial aid based upon our 2017-2018 budget. Any financial aid recommendation that is granted must be approved by the Pastor of St. Thomas More Parish. Families who apply for aid must be active members of St. Thomas More Parish as measured by your consistent Sunday Mass attendance as recorded by the use of your envelope or check deposited during the Offertory collection each Sunday over an extended period of time.

In addition, you must select financial payment option A or B and submit all required forms (including your non-refundable registration fee) regarding paying the tuition for 2017-2018. If you plan to pay over the 10 month period with tuition provider FACTS, you must register and complete the on line registration forms in full (see school registration page).  The full tuition amount due is added to your file when your registration is processed.  Any financial aid granted is posted as a credit prior to the first payment that is processed in July.  This process is new this year.

Only those families truly in need will be considered for financial aid.  In the past several years the parish has been unable to satisfy all requests for aid. It is strictly limited to serious financial need.